Join South Coast Tourism

Join South Coast Tourism

This forum will hopefully allow full and frank discussion for the more progressive business operators on the South Coast. I recommend that the discussion be guided by the forum members, and will endeavour to facilitate the wishes of the group.
However, in previous arenas, much of the discussion has been fairly elementary. I'll be guided by the group, but personally I'd like to encourage more high level discussion of things such as:

* the impact of technology on the tourism business
* how we can co-operate to maintain a competitive advantage using cost effective technology solutions to our ongoing marketing and promotion, as a group and individually.
* what works best for each of us
* what new strategies and tactics might be worth pursuing

To that end, I'd encourage you to invite Tourism operators, and maybe suppliers of key technologies and services to join and contribute to our group to provide specialist [if not always objective] advice, Useful Reports and commentary.

If you're a Tourism operator [or plan to become one] and you'd like to join our Forum for local Tourism operators, you're most welcome to subscribe below.

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