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Bird watching - South Coast NSW

Australian birdlife is prolific on the South Coast, This abundance of bird life provides simple pleasure to those relaxing and enjoying a holiday break right through to opportunities for the serious bird watching enthusiast and/or bird guide.

One of the best areas for birdwatching in Australia. the South Coast of NSW, Australia offers quality accommodation venues, good local advice and up-to-date birding information with maps and species lists.The area is diverse in habitat and offers many target birds.

By working closely with local specialist tour operators and other birding accommodation places in the region, we can help plan a comprehensive birding holiday in South Eastern Australia.

In many places on the NSW South Coast and especially within our extensive National Parks and reserves you can watch and listen for many types of birds including Laughing Kookaburra, see the beauty & grace of King Parrots, Rainbow Lorikeets, shrieking Galahs and cockatoos mixed with wagtails & warblers, including the beautiful warble of the Magpie.
Bird Migration
From the South Coast beaches and offshore you can watch the local sea birds, such as White-bellied Sea Eagles, Crested Terns, Yellow-headed Boobies, shearwaters and pelicans.

We include some interesting facts that might be useful knowledge for you or your family.

For bird identification we recommend the following references. "Field Guide to the Birds of Australia" by Simpson and Day plus the "Field Guide to Australian Birds" by Michael Morcombe. "Birding Australia Site Guide The South East" self-published by Lloyd Nielsen which includes a species list for each site, facilities, visitor information, access, maps, plus seabird and wader hotspots.

A Sydney based company 'Follow that Bird' offers tours including a birding tour of the Upper South Coast. For more information about birding on the check out the Far South Coast Birding association website.

We are also compiling a list of bird watching tours  available right across the NSW South Coast.

Also, the Naturalist's Diary for the Eurobodalla [or mid South Coast] region is a fascinating collection of observations made by local octagenarian, Jill Whiter, who's been a keen observer and naturalist for most of her many years.

The book is a compilation of newspaper articles which chronicles the typical sightings and activities of native wildlife in the region on a month by month basis throughout the year.

Click here for more details and to order a copy.

We welcome any contributions from our readers and visitors to this page. Please upload any pics that you may have of South Coast wildlife with a few details of where they were sighted in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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What Other Birdwatchers Have found

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Can anyone identify this guy ? 
Butterfly found near Berry.

Autumn Birdlife at Broulee 
Autumn is the loveliest time of the year on the South Coast, at least in my opinion, and April 13 a perfect day for a walk along the Illawong Track, the …

Grey Shrike-Thrush 
Near 2 years ago, a mega event happened to me. I was extremely lucky to be adopted as friend by a very gregarious Grey Shrike-Thrush. I've posted a …

Diary of natural observations 
What to Expect in July-August. Cold and damp if the predicted wet winter eventuates, but certainly cold, for it is winter after all. The White-eared …

Mrs Rose Evans Not rated yet
My husband Neville and I were having our usual coffee at Dolphin Point, Burrill Lake at 6:45am Monday morning 20/4/2015 when we spotted 6 adult and one …

The Bower at Broulee, Illawong Track in October  Not rated yet
October is a busy month in the wild world; well into the breeding season for most of the birds and for just about every other creature too. So a walk along …

Best Birding on the South Coast Not rated yet
My first birding expedition in Australia. The Bower at Broulee and Illawong Nature Reserve were just superb ... What a great memory to take back to …

Illawong walk begins to 'Spring' Not rated yet
It's not quite spring but the newly-returned breeding population of Yellow-faced Honeyeaters were in full song along the Illawong Track on Tuesday morning …

Pelagic Tours near Sydney Not rated yet
Hi Ron, Thanks for your interest in joining a pelagic tour during your Sydney vacation. Not sure if you have any flexibility with the dates you’ve …

Eurobodalla Natural History Society - An afternoon of talks  Not rated yet
March 2nd 2013 at 2pm Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens For full details, see 1. The Moruya Raiders: Nest Predators …

Kookaburras of the South Coast Not rated yet
Here's a selection of the best kookaburra pics that we have, so far.

A Late Summer Report from the Bower Not rated yet
February hadn't advanced far and we were still within the first half when I took a quiet and somewhat damp stroll along the Illawong Track. The woodland …

Bug Identification  Not rated yet
Question: Can you tell me what this little critter is ?? Answer: It's a Longhorn Beetle but please don't ask me which of the 78 (that may be an exaggeration, …

What bird is this ? Eastern Spinebill Not rated yet
I'm guessing this is an Eastern Spinebill - dubius race ?? We have a pair nesting in a jap maple tree, just outside our back door. Can you confirm …

What's this bird ? Pied Cormorant Not rated yet
Can you ID this bird that was perched near the water-hole at The Bower the otherday ? Yes, it's a Little Pied Cormorant that (I presume) had wandered …

October on the Illawong Track  Not rated yet
It was a beautiful spring day, just perfect for a solitary ramble through the coastal woodland. Oddly enough,there wasn't a great deal of bird activity: …

11 White-Headed Pigeons feeding inside me lounge(pt2of2) Not rated yet
I found out that these are mega fun birds to have as visitors

Breeding at the Bower Not rated yet
As is right and proper at this time of the year, the birds, the bees and the rest of nature's wild creatures are busily engaged in the annual renewal of …

First steps in Birdwatching Not rated yet
Presuming that you already enjoy looking at and listening to birds and you own a pair of binoculars and an Australian field guide that describes bird anatomy …

South coast birding Eurobodalla Not rated yet
It may be winter still, at least officially, but the main populations of some summer-breeding migrant birds began arriving early in the month. They soon …

South coast birding - winter Not rated yet
This article was submitted by Jill Whiter, founding member of the Eurobodalla Natural History Society (now available on and author of the Eurobodalla …

Spring draws closer at The Bower Not rated yet
This article was submitted by Jill Whiter, founding member of the Eurobodalla Natural History Society (now available on and author of the Eurobodalla …

Birdwatching Montague Island Not rated yet
This package is ideal for individuals, couples or groups looking for a unique 2 night experience where everything is provided and you just bring yourself. …

Gary, the Greater Glider Not rated yet
OK - so I know it's not a bird but had an exciting experience today with a fantastic little furry critter and a nasty big goanna (or should I say lace …

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Bats in the Belfry? Not rated yet
April, 2009. No, ... but grey-headed flying foxes are in our local area at the moment, in extremely large numbers. Love them or hate them, as people do …

The Bower Bird of Broulee is Performing ! Not rated yet
The resident Bower bird of the feathered kind has returned to its run, spruced it up with a new collection of blue trinkets and has begun its ritual …

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Illawong in November

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