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The zoo is situated in the picturesque historic gold mining village of Mogo, 10 kms south of Batemans Bay. The Mogo Zoo provides world standard facilities for over 200 animals of more than 40 rare and exotic species. Mogo Zoo is committed to the conservation of endangered species and is extensively involved in various Global Breeding Programs. Recent breeding success has resulted in several births including the Rothschild Giraffe, Sumatran Tiger, Silvery Gibbon, Cotton-Top Tamarin, Golden-Lion Tamarin, Siamang, Pygmy Marmoset and Red Panda.

Mogo Zoo exhibits an extraordinary menagerie of animals, including the majestic White Lion, Chimpanzee, Scimitar Oryx, Emperor Tamarin, African Serval, Meerkat, Nepalese Red Panda, Lar Gibbon, Golden-Lion Tamarin, Ring-tailed Lemur, Brazilian Tapir, Sumatran Tiger, Oriental Small-Clawed Otter, Snow Leopard and Zebra. Additionally, the Zoo boasts the largest collection of primates in any private Zoo in Australia.

At Mogo Zoo you will be intrigued by close encounters with an array of endangered and exotic animals from around the globe ... a truly unique experience!

The keeper talks and feeding sessions are educational and provide visitors with an insight into the natural behaviors of the animals.

Mogo Zoo features beautiful picnic grounds set in luscious wildlife surrounds, barbecue facilities situated just metres from the exhibits, café and gift shop.

It is Mogo Zoo's aim to involve and to educate the public at large and offer its visitors an intimate, educational Zoo experience.

Discover the true meaning of 'up close and personal' with Mogo Zoo's amazing animal experiences. Meet a mob of Meerkats as they clamber and climb all over you. Come face-to-face with African Servals or hand-feed a Tiger, if you dare! Or perhaps you'd like to encounter all of these experiences and be a keeper for the day.

Visit this world-renowned Zoo and experience the difference!

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