Gary, the Greater Glider

by Sue Berry

Gary the Greater Glider

Gary the Greater Glider

OK - so I know it's not a bird but had an exciting experience today with a fantastic little furry critter and a nasty big goanna (or should I say lace monitor??).

I was driving past one of the cabins at "The Bower at Broulee" when a great commotion happened in the bushes next the to track. I pulled up to see what it was and noticed a large goanna clambering up the nearest spotted gun with a small furry animal in it's mouth. I must admit to being a bit emotional as I jumped from the car. The goanna stopped about 25 feet up the tree and I stood there screaming "let it go you @@@****" " - much to my surprise, after a few shakes of it's serpentine head - it did!

Poor little furry critter dropped like a stone and lay motionless for a while. Then I saw it's tail move! Alive! Whist this was happening I had phoned my husband Mark and was frantically asking him to come and help. Anyway - long story short - we wrapped up the little guy, put him in a large cardboard box and phoned W.I.R.E.S. Those wonderful people arranged for the Casey's Beach Vet Clinic to be ready for me to take him there. Once there I handed him over saying "not sure but I think it's a baby possum" (we didn't get a good look at him as after wrapping him up didn't want to traumatise the little fella anymore than we had to).

I certainly was surprised to find that after unwrapping him a baby Greater Glider was revealed! What a beautiful little fellow!. Fortunately he only had one wound from his mishap (but goanna wounds are particularly toxic so much care is needed).

I christened him "Gary Glider" and am pleased to say that he has gone to a wonderful WIRES carer who specializes in possums etc. Once he's had a few days to recuperate from his ordeal, we plan to release him back where he came from. You know that song "what have you done today to make you feel proud"? - well - that's it!. Cheers!.

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