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Back to Nature – Both [Sue and my] recent family ancestry had a strong rural background, so it was perhaps inevitable that we would gravitate back to our own piece of land. From the early teenage years, I’d hoped to get “back onto the land” but the obstacles seemed at times to be insurmountable.

Despite opening up our beef & sheep grazing property NorthWest of Goulburn, to paying guests in one of the early FarmStay businesses in NSW, our family was unable to recover from the 1966 bushfire and support itself through a 6 year drought that followed soon after.

However, those years included many happy memories and the business of “farming tourists” always held some attractions to me.

After running our own Real Estate business in the Southern Highlands [2 hours South of Sydney] and another stint in the computer industry for me, we decided that it was time for the “seachange” or “treechange”

Once we found “our land”, we were immediately captivated. We needed to call this region home and so began the dream of The Bower at Broulee, and our offering of unique South Coast holiday packages.

The property is between the beautiful waterways of Batemans Bay and the Moruya River and handy to the popular surfing beaches of Broulee. The South Coast district is characterised by extensive Natural forests, with pockets of unspoilt rainforest, rugged mountain backdrops and a wide range of waterways. In fact, many of the people who have moved to the South Coast in recent times are very protective and don’t like to spread the word too much about its advantages.

Sue’s flair for design and experience with the Sydney clientele thru the Real Estate business allowed her to brief our architects to come up with an upmarket design using high vaulted ceilings and expansive glass panels to bring the bushland vistas into the “Bowers”. My earlier experiences with the farm offering holiday packages for city kids assured that the brief required a design that was functional, enduring and as far as possible bushfire safe.

I eagerly shed my city suit for workboots and jeans, although a near fatal accident with our front end loader provided an unexpected challenge at the beginning of the construction project.

Notwithstanding, Sue managed the Stage 1 construction, while supervising my rehabilitation and the servicing of the cabins after we opened. As soon as possible, I resumed as many of the outside duties as possible and have planted over 3,000 native trees and shrubs, on the property, over the past 10 years.

Meanwhile, the need to promote the business was always a high priority. With the widespread adoption of the Internet as a tool for research and booking holidays, I became very interested in the application of technology to the promotion of not only our own business, but also the attractions in our area and its varieties of holiday packages.

Therefore, I have felt for some time that the need exists for an informative website to describe the hidden gems of the South Coast of NSW. As I mentioned above, many of the locals feel that we should keep these secrets to ourselves, lest too many people find out, and want to visit, or even worse still, move here!

I’m personally confident that the recent government actions to extend the boundaries of our National Parks and Marine Parks will protect the key assets of the South Coast and its environs.

The lifestyle is relaxed and “laid back” and we can choose to socialise when it suits or retain our seclusion, at will. Sue has also realized a childhood dream as the lifestyle allows her the opportunity to pursue her equestrian interests, specializing in the Dressage discipline. On occasion, we can take the opportunity to go fishing with Sue’s dad, Dave, who has been fishing the South Coastal waters for roughly 50 years.

Having lived the lifestyle on the South Coast, we invite you to take advantage of one of the holiday packages available, join us for a holiday, or even for a “sea-change”. Come, recharge together in style.

Sue and Mark Berry


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