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The following info was provided by our good friends, David & Annette Thiem who are also fishing and kayaking enthusasts.

Kayak Fishing on the South Coast of NSW is absolutely fantastic. Five years ago my wife and I bought ‘his and hers’ Hobie Fisherman Kayaks. These have the ability to be both paddled and also pedalled. They have a foot powered mechanism that drives ‘under water wings’ that moves the kayak at up to 4 knots per hour. This enables you to be ‘hands free’ so that you can lure and soft plastic fish.

These kayaks are extremely stable (I’ve only accidently tipped the kayak once) and are incredibly well decked out with rod holders, a rudder system, wheels for getting to those hard places, water proof storage areas, good seat etc.

On a given trip we may cover 4-8 kilometres of an estuary or lake quite comfortably in one session of three or four hours.

The South Coast is rich with estuaries and lakes ideal for kayak fishing. The area I know best is Batemans Bay to Narooma and I haven’t explored half of the estuaries, lakes or rivers here.

However a few of the wonderful places that I have explored include the Clyde River, Tomaga River, Moruya/Deua River, Tuross Lake and river, Lake Durras, Wagonga Inlet to mention but a few. These places have salmon, tailor, estuary perch, bream, flathead, snapper and some monster jewfish inhabiting them. I have only ‘skimmed the surface’ but have caught fantastic flathead in these systems [which is what I target]. Also I have caught some superb bream, plenty of tailor and the odd large salmon.

All of these are on soft plastics or hard bodied lures. I don’t use bait out of the kayaks.

The basic outfit is a 7 foot light spin rod, a good quality spinning reel (because it will get wet) loaded up with 4kg braid and a 6 kilo leader as the flatties really can chew through the leader. Recently I used a lighter leader and lost three good fish which was pretty stupid.

So take care with your leader material!

I use a variety of soft plastics but have found the purples and whites work well as a colour in the lakes and the more natural colours seem better in the estuaries. Hook size is around the 1/0 with a weight of about 5/16oz or lighter in the lakes but heavier where you have a flow of water in the estuaries. Braid line certainly helps with the sensitivity as you work your soft plastic over the weedbeds. Also little poppers, worked across the surface, are becoming popular for whiting and bream.

The kayaks enable you to go close to the shore and into spots normal boats can’t go. Our kayaks can go into about 30cms of water which is fantastic.

There are several places on the South Coast where you can even hire kayaks and simply have fun with them. Give kayaking a go. You see both the birdlife and "fishlife" up close in a way you never can in a boat and you can enjoy the serenity of some glorious places on the South Coast.

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