Kayak Safety Tips

Kayak Safety Tips

Be Seen-Be Safe wear bright coloured clothing. Keep out of mooring areas (where other boats hide your presence).
Water safety: be aware of water safety rules and procedures with information from boating, marine or water sports organisations.

Skills take a lesson if you need to. Instruction is available for all levels of kayaking skills. Contact us for details.

Safety Vests
always wear a life vest or life jacket.

Helmets recommended for surf and white-water kayaking and when paddling near rough water and rocks.

Paddle with someone if possible and tell someone where you will be going and when you expect to return.

take a map with you if you are not familiar with the route.Be aware of local conditions including currents, tides, water levels, shoreline variations and special hazards.

Check the weather and know about likely changes, such as offshore winds that may occur.

Wind will slow down paddling and the extra effort required will tire you more quickly than normal. Also think about offshore winds – don’t get blown away from shore.

Waves can be larger than expected and can change in size depending on water depth.

Tides can be strong and having to paddle against the tide can make you tire quickly. Tidal flow against the wind direction will make waves steeper and water more choppy – plan your paddle according to tides.

Surf, Check the conditions and stay away from swimmers in your surfing kayak.

Emergency Contact: If you get into any trouble, phone 000 Emergency Services

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