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Web Marketing ...

Hello! Mark & Sue Berry here, to explain how our free listing system works.

Google and the major search engines are revising their standards for ranking Web sites like SouthCoastGems.com.au that recommend and promote other businesses.

We're offering a free listing with a direct link to your contact details, including your website to encourage direct 'commission free' bookings via your own booking button.

In return, we simply ask you to supply us with at least 300 words of 'original' description of your business and 4 photographs [by 'original', we simply mean text and pics that are not already published on other websites].

More and more, in recent times, the search engines are requiring information or content to be completely original and of high 'quality' to 'add value' to the web visitors that use them. The reason for this is makes a lot of sense. 

Since a computer can't (yet) be programmed to think like a human, Google's web 'bot' programs do the next best thing and assess 'quality' by tracking and recording human behavior through things like the amount of time people spend on reading a page and how quickly they 'click off' (or bounce) a page after they land on it (a bounce means that the web visitor has arrived on a page and then quickly decided it not interesting to them ... in other words, it's not relevant, therefore Google downgrades that page and the link to it, since users don't find it to be of value).

Quality webpages and links between pages result in a page and ultimately the whole site to be given a higher Google PageRank, be listed higher on search engine result pages. This means that web visitors/searchers will more easily find YOUR business !

To maintain our ranking with the Search Engines, we have to maintain the quality of all the pages on our site. This means providing original content which adds value to the reader. 

If you provide us with a draft of the key selling points about your business, we can work together to develop a description which doesn't dilute the content on your main website and provides quality referrals to your website (and your business by phone etc.)  of course, in getting you the extra business in the end.

Now, about the $100 guarantee I mentioned ... Our business description editing service is absolutely free and we aim to keep it that way. If you find anything on this site that asks you to pay money to  SouthCoastGems.com.au  please contact us via the Contact Us page and we'll send you $100 by PayPal.

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